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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the damn!!! Part 6

huhuhuhu... ay last study session is back!!!!! damn!!!!! and damn!!! again...huhuhuhuhu got a new assignment in my first class and so many presentation and most annoying of all is formal cloth everyday....damn!!!!! maybe this sem i dont have enough time to post something amazing and i'm just afraid i 'm not available to watch all the movie that i am dying to watch it..... damn!!!!!!!!! hope i can survive this sem.........

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Must Watch Movies!!!!!!!!

Happy.... New..... Year!!!!!!!

damn will always be my favorite word of all time...huhuhuhu but todays post is nothing to do about damn.. everybody who knows me well, must know that i am the big time movie lovers.... so i want to let everybody know the best movie of 2010.muhahahaha...

1. The Sorcerer Apprentice
its a Disney magic action movie starring Nicholas Cage...

2. Toys Story 3
I have wait for a long time for this sequel and i'm really hope that Disney will make a sequel for Incredible also

3. Salt
2009 we have Wanted and this year we have Salt.. one Kick Ass movies!!

4. The Karate Kid
i thought that they should change the title to The Kungfu Kid. Jackie Chan will be the master and son of Will Smith will be the kid...

5. Robin Hood
one of my favorite actor... Russel Crowe and this movie is not like any other Robin Hood Movies...

6. The Last Airbender
i like the cartoon and i hope that the movie will not disappoint me

7. Inception
hmm... The Trailer is great but its a complicated movie, maybe people only watch this because of Leonardo Dicaprio but i just want to wait and see....

8. Date Night
i just watch this trailer last night and its awesome!!!! a comedy action... damn!!!!!

9. Knight and Day
Tom Cruise in action again!!!!! i dont know what to said... but the trailer is great..huhuhuhu

10. Prince Of Persia
i never play this game before... but again the trailer is cool!!!!

11. The Book Of Eli
I like Denzel. I like his voice. and i want to know how his fight.....

12. Alice in Wonderland
everybody know this story, but this time is different because of the madness!!!!! all the actor is great especially Johnny Depp

13. A Nightmare of ELm Street
2009 we have friday the 13th... and 2010 we have the Jason best enemy Freddy Krouger... a ghost version of wolverine...huhuhuhu

14. Iron Man 2.
i have wait this movie for so long... damn!! at last... Robert Dawney Jr back again as Tony Stark...

thats all the movie that i want to share with you guys. maybe much more after this.... and maybe you guys can give me some great movies this year....i just hope that i can watch all this movie cuz if i'm not mistaken all this movie is coming on summer....huhuhuhu need to work somgthing out to get some money.... and thanks to MTV for all the trailer...huhuhuhu if u want to watch it click this

0hh.. and BTW i just watch Sherlock Holmes last night and it was Fucking Awesome!!!!!!!!!


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