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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dinner and MPG

for the last two weeks two big event have been attend by me... one is Qs Dinner and another one is Malam Pra-Graduan... so i want to put some of the memories in my blog for whatever purpose.. even though i know that just a few of my colleague from UiTM would read my blog.... k hear its goes...

Rendezvous Garden of Euphoria (9th April 2010)

what a weird name for a dinner isn it...hmmm this is the name of the Qs Dinner in this semester which my last semester in UiTM Seri Iskandar Perak, and it is totally suck!!! not referring to that dinner but it just because i hope it would be much more grand for my last dinner hear. i always wondering what is the meaning of that name including a word after that which is 'Pertemuan Di Taman Gembira' and i don't feel any gembira at that time only express it infront of camera. and the dress code is smart casual which is i thought that i did a good job wearing my outfit which is again i didn't get the king if the night, the title i've been dying since part 2

there are to many mistake they have done in that dinner which is

1. the MC was totally sucks, they thought they can be like artist made people laugh and so on.. but what they doing exactly is humiliate themselves on the stage. and i never paying attention to whatever they said all 4 of them are suck

2. the venue is disaster... i don't want to blame the organizer because of the matter. is not their fault because all members of QS has agree to choose that particular place for dinner but all of them are blind and stupid because there is no fun having a grand dinner at Padang Kawat... it is totally fucking hot damn it!!!!!

3. and the most important things is the food!!!! did they know that putting the food early will make the food cold and not worth eating..hmm.. and also they told us that the menu will be western and i dont feel like western food at all... the only thing that western is the cold lamb grill. and the soup also did not represent any western because it just look like sup kosong to me... damn..

Malam Pra-Graduan ( 16th April 2010)

MPG is a bi-annual dinner which is organizes by different faculty every semester. and this semester the faculty of business and marketing is the one who responsible organizing this particular ceremony.. MPG is a ceremony to celebrate all student that will finish their studies this semester...this semester's MPG held at shuen Hotel, Ipoh Perak, i don't want to comment badly because they really did a good job, after all this is a formal and prestigious event so why wouldn't it be. the foods are great, MC is good the decoration is fantastic.. and one thing that i like so much at this is the performance, they are several performers which is student and staff of UiTM Perak singing that night and all of them are wonderful...

so finally, the end is near... muhahahha i'm gonna leaving Seri Iskandar once and for all.... yes!!!!!! hope i still get a good CGPA.. trying not to disappoint my parent..

P/S sorry for my bad grammar... trying to improve my english for this upcoming MUET!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Viva La Vida!!!!!!!

actually this post got nothing to do with coldplay or coldplay's song 'Viva La Vida" it just i have my viva yesterday, and it is totally suck!!!! and i really hate it... i'm not gonna blame anyone cuz i know its my own fault but maybe some other guys involve in my really really worse mark ever maybe the lowest among my friends... but i think it just because i really really lazy this semester... and i'm not finish my assignment well.... hmmmm damn man!!!! it is really hard because i need to struggle more for exam and i really know that i wouldn't.. but the mark that my lecturer give just not make any sense... just one mistake and my point drop till 60..... damn!!!!!!

this evening i have my second viva and i really have lose faith and also not ready for that viva so wish me luck k..... today's examiner is much harder than yesterday.... arrghhh...

if you guys ever wondering what viva means like any others do... viva means like oral test just like interview .....hmmmm after this there is two viva to go......


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