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Monday, April 5, 2010

Viva La Vida!!!!!!!

actually this post got nothing to do with coldplay or coldplay's song 'Viva La Vida" it just i have my viva yesterday, and it is totally suck!!!! and i really hate it... i'm not gonna blame anyone cuz i know its my own fault but maybe some other guys involve in my really really worse mark ever maybe the lowest among my friends... but i think it just because i really really lazy this semester... and i'm not finish my assignment well.... hmmmm damn man!!!! it is really hard because i need to struggle more for exam and i really know that i wouldn't.. but the mark that my lecturer give just not make any sense... just one mistake and my point drop till 60..... damn!!!!!!

this evening i have my second viva and i really have lose faith and also not ready for that viva so wish me luck k..... today's examiner is much harder than yesterday.... arrghhh...

if you guys ever wondering what viva means like any others do... viva means like oral test just like interview .....hmmmm after this there is two viva to go......

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