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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Fly fm MYvi Troopers

this post is totally not about condemning Fly fm Myvi Troopers because lately I'm always condemning someone or myself hahahaha.

this post is about what happen today this evening at McD. jeng jeng jeng...... once upon a time while i was eating my Big Mac at the McDonald Branch at rawang which is I'm so hungry at that time. suddenly, i can see a crowd of people (of course r kan xkan binatang lak) in front of McD. i stand up to get a clear view of what happen there and i can see a white MYvii with a sticker stick at the car that look like F.L.Y.F.M. and OMG OMG OMG, Fly fm MYvi Troopers is hear... argggggggghhhhhh (over2 pulak kan) withut a second i don't realize that I was already at the crowd and i just ignoring my Big Mac which is i never done that. tapi pas2 aku abeskan r tapi sejuk cikit.

There are a guy with a piercing and a hot chick which is the fly fm crew and i dunno them. huhuhuhu silly me. After all the quizzing yang aku x sempat nak gi cuz terlambat,they ask all the people to stand in a straight line to play a game. it is a intresting game about pretending three superhero style and the superhero is superman wolverine(aku yang pilih ni fav aku ni) and spiderman. i dunno how to explain the game but the point is, i was one of the two people that not kick out from the game. hahahhaha

lastly the two of us need to play ozom( tau kan game ni) but in an extraordinary way which is we can't use our hand but our body. imagine that and we can play face to face hahahha kelakar giler x ingat and i win the game yeah yeah yeah. but the saddest thing is the one who win the game will loose the game and the person who win the game is a lembut guy yucks!!!. arggggggggghhhhhhhh. the lembut guys must pick the prize and he choose a file and a ticket to ONE IN A MILLION. damn it, pas2 aku lak pilih r kan. yang tinggal ielah

two ticket two OIAM Grand Fianale

CLEO magazine and Vitagen

two ticket to zeuk for the most eligable bachelors 2009

two ticket to zeuk for the most eligable bachelors 2009 and vitagen

and i don't remember but ader colgate kecik

And guess what i choose the CLEO magazine because all the OIAM is at 1 may which i will be at UiTM preparing for exam arrrghhhh and the most eligable bachelors 2009 is insane to go because i am not a gay. hahahahaha rase cam gay je pergi citu. x taur kalo ader banyak hot chick kan. huhuhuhu and it will held at 24 April.

and as time goes, i feel supid stupid and really stupid hahahhaha asl la ko x amek tiket tu r kan ,balik sudah time tu, enjoy !!!! it is an exprience once in a life time dude. WTF kan. arghhhhhhhhhhtp xper r syukur jelar bacer la CLEO sampai lebam huhuhuhuhu.. bodoh nyer la kau ni. but thanks fly fm for the gift fly fm the malaysia's hottest music!

Monday, April 13, 2009

at the eleventh hour!!!

Exam it just around the corner,
it just keep getting sooner,
and I'm always wonder,
if I'm going to be a surveyor.

Dreams can't never achieve,
if one always can't sees,
to be better at all this,
if he never reads and studies.

I am a living legend,
that soon to be forgotten,
never keep the book burn,
never take the wrong turn.

So, what the hell arif elnur,
study at the floor,
for all the achievement that you must show,
till the break a dawn you can't slow.


it's a damn poem of the eleventh hour
read it and like it. hahhahaha. suddenly a poem come to my mind and it says arif elnur write me or you gonna be dead huhuhuhu....
WTF right, i write this poem or I'm gonna get kill by my mind.. so i give my best shot which is i like it. so who ever read my poem, i think you should start study.

p/s the picture above got nothing to do with the poem huhuhuhuhuhu.. i just Google it and the Pict appear

Friday, April 10, 2009

what the f of the last week

it just not right
5 assignment must be submit by Friday 10th April 2009, fuck fuck huhuhuhuhu......

professional practice
measurement of construction work
fundamental of entrepreneurship
data analysis
construction economics

and all of this assignment is the major one which is maybe 30 pages at least... and fuck fuck fuck and i'm still thinking that it not gonna finish it by Friday evening. and i think that by Friday I'm going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm also feeling stupid right now just because i wait till this last week to finish all this assignment where all this assignment has been given in the first month and i just ignore some of it and than when the Friday comes to me at the end of the week everything so fuck up hahahhahaahha
and i'm still stupid right now just because i still have time to publish this post hahahhaha...... x siap lagi ni

Thursday, April 2, 2009

tetiber teringat sal kengkawan lak

pict2 dak dak pompuan kat sekolah dulu (ramai yang da x jumper

sorry r ea yg ni ader spelling error r

kat bukit tepi aspura

asyik bacer blog orang citer pasal kawan kan tetiber aku teringat pict ni. pasal kengkawan la kan ...... actually pict ni dah lamer da edit....

aku tulis sikit r simple word kat atas tu k

dimana kita berada,
walau jauh di pandangan mata,
segala suka dan duka bersama,
memori indah bersama
kan ku sematkan di dalam lubuk hatiku ini.
dah lamer r x jumper kengkawan maser sekolah dulu dah la aku ni jarang sms orang kan.


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