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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Fly fm MYvi Troopers

this post is totally not about condemning Fly fm Myvi Troopers because lately I'm always condemning someone or myself hahahaha.

this post is about what happen today this evening at McD. jeng jeng jeng...... once upon a time while i was eating my Big Mac at the McDonald Branch at rawang which is I'm so hungry at that time. suddenly, i can see a crowd of people (of course r kan xkan binatang lak) in front of McD. i stand up to get a clear view of what happen there and i can see a white MYvii with a sticker stick at the car that look like F.L.Y.F.M. and OMG OMG OMG, Fly fm MYvi Troopers is hear... argggggggghhhhhh (over2 pulak kan) withut a second i don't realize that I was already at the crowd and i just ignoring my Big Mac which is i never done that. tapi pas2 aku abeskan r tapi sejuk cikit.

There are a guy with a piercing and a hot chick which is the fly fm crew and i dunno them. huhuhuhu silly me. After all the quizzing yang aku x sempat nak gi cuz terlambat,they ask all the people to stand in a straight line to play a game. it is a intresting game about pretending three superhero style and the superhero is superman wolverine(aku yang pilih ni fav aku ni) and spiderman. i dunno how to explain the game but the point is, i was one of the two people that not kick out from the game. hahahhaha

lastly the two of us need to play ozom( tau kan game ni) but in an extraordinary way which is we can't use our hand but our body. imagine that and we can play face to face hahahha kelakar giler x ingat and i win the game yeah yeah yeah. but the saddest thing is the one who win the game will loose the game and the person who win the game is a lembut guy yucks!!!. arggggggggghhhhhhhh. the lembut guys must pick the prize and he choose a file and a ticket to ONE IN A MILLION. damn it, pas2 aku lak pilih r kan. yang tinggal ielah

two ticket two OIAM Grand Fianale

CLEO magazine and Vitagen

two ticket to zeuk for the most eligable bachelors 2009

two ticket to zeuk for the most eligable bachelors 2009 and vitagen

and i don't remember but ader colgate kecik

And guess what i choose the CLEO magazine because all the OIAM is at 1 may which i will be at UiTM preparing for exam arrrghhhh and the most eligable bachelors 2009 is insane to go because i am not a gay. hahahahaha rase cam gay je pergi citu. x taur kalo ader banyak hot chick kan. huhuhuhu and it will held at 24 April.

and as time goes, i feel supid stupid and really stupid hahahhaha asl la ko x amek tiket tu r kan ,balik sudah time tu, enjoy !!!! it is an exprience once in a life time dude. WTF kan. arghhhhhhhhhhtp xper r syukur jelar bacer la CLEO sampai lebam huhuhuhuhu.. bodoh nyer la kau ni. but thanks fly fm for the gift fly fm the malaysia's hottest music!


  1. OMG ELNUR!!dasat nyer ko..haha..aku pon dlu ader gak g kat mytv3 time aku kat matrix pj..tapi aku just jadi crowd jer r..kwn aku yg masuk game2 dier..

    p/s:mmg rugi jer pon ko tak amik tiket oiam tu..sgt rugi!bole jer ko sedekahkan kat aku klu ko tak dapat g pon..hehe

  2. actually aku nak call ko zam nak ajk g oiam tu tp ntah r sebab maser tu nak cepat pilih kan.aku amek jer magazine tu. arggggggggg

  3. weh..ko blk ke??
    cikgu baem da jmpe blog ko...xleh nk 'bzikir' r pasnie..hahaha

  4. lar laman web bestri tu cikgu baim ker abes kang dier bacer komen ni hahahahah aku pasni kener 'carut' la plak

  5. hey arippp..
    saje je nk snggah~ lalala..
    ko blja kt ne skng..?

  6. LIKE SERIOUSLY??!!terharu giler aku ko nk ajk aku g oiam..haha..takpela nk wat cmner bnda dah melepas kan'huhu..ader hikmah nyer tu..

    p/s:ala guna jer f word ko ko pon suka atila ko nk tulis psl papepon..hihi



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