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Friday, April 10, 2009

what the f of the last week

it just not right
5 assignment must be submit by Friday 10th April 2009, fuck fuck huhuhuhuhu......

professional practice
measurement of construction work
fundamental of entrepreneurship
data analysis
construction economics

and all of this assignment is the major one which is maybe 30 pages at least... and fuck fuck fuck and i'm still thinking that it not gonna finish it by Friday evening. and i think that by Friday I'm going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm also feeling stupid right now just because i wait till this last week to finish all this assignment where all this assignment has been given in the first month and i just ignore some of it and than when the Friday comes to me at the end of the week everything so fuck up hahahhahaahha
and i'm still stupid right now just because i still have time to publish this post hahahhaha...... x siap lagi ni


  1. excessive words of the "f" word.

  2. ala nature bdk sg pusu r suka wat keja last tak biasa lak el..haha



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