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Saturday, November 27, 2010


K r dalam post kali ini... aku malas r nak cerita panjang lebar... words just can describe this but photo can...huhuhuhu so post ni aku nak tunjuk kat korang aku punya convokesyen yang berlangsung semalam kat UiTM Perak... Yeah!!!!!!!!!

so itulah sajer gambar yang aku nak tunjuk... yang lain x boleh r.... censorde.. so bilerlah kengkawan aku yang lain tu nak convo ea...huhuhuhu

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Google Map Jokes

yay!!!! k many people start searching direction from Google map now days..... did you ever try to search a direction by car and across the sea..... if you try it will look like this....

direction from Taiwan to China

direction from japan to United state of America

this one is the zoom version... u need to read the 61 point

and this one at point no 27....

i think you gugs should try it too..huhuhu k

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Semester Break Movies!!!!!!!

as usual... when elnur is cuti... he wants a movie.. yay!!!!! so i want to to list down all movie that coming to cinema this november and disember.... and actually i just doing you guys a favor for what movie u wanna watch this break... yeah!!!! you're welcome...

so the first movie that i watch during this break is Harry Potter...

Harry potter and The Deathly Hollow Part 1

this movie has release last week... and most of people who dont like any long movie... will find it boring because it a little bit slow at the middle. but boring part still lead to a greater part in the Harry Potter: the deathly Hollow part 2... but to all the die-hard-fan this movie is better because they got alot of time to show what exactly happen in the book. and i like the twilight part...huhuhu

The Next Three Day 25 November 2010

Cast: Russell Crowe, Olivia Wilde, Liam Neeson, Elizabeth Banks.

i dont know exactly how to put this movie... but they got 3 of my fav actor which is Liam Neeson, Russel Crowe and Elizabeth Banks

Due Date 2 December 2010

Cast: Robert Downey, Jr., Zach Galifianakis, Jamie Foxx, Michelle Monaghan.

huhuhu... this gonna be a realy funny comedy movie if u ever watch the trailer... the movie is from the director of hangover,, the best comedy movie last year... and seriously i like all the actor in the movie especially the Zach Galifinakis... he is totally awesome guy...

Faster 2 December 2010

Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Dwayne Johnson, Maggie Grace, Moon Bloodgood.

the latest Dwayne Jhonson Movie is really weird which is the Other Guys... where he jump from a tall building with Samuel L Jackson and Shout "Aim for the bush!!!" but there really no bush and they both died... damn!!!! so this must be a great action movie....

Social Network 2 December 2010

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Malese Jow, Rashida Jones.

actually a already download this movie because its already show this movie in US but i'm not watch it yet. so this movie is about the founder of FB which is a billionaire jew that happen to be the youngest billionaire. so this movie is about how facebook been made. and the life of the founder.. azam said that this movie is an award movie material... so this is a really good movie despite the fact that he is jew...huhuhu just kidding..

The Chronicle of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
2 December 2010 (3D) & 9 December 2010

Cast: Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, Ben Barnes, Eddie Izzard, Liam Neeson, Will Poulter.

this is another series of Narnia which i had promise to my sister that i will take her see that movie... and its really weird that the release that is different between the 3d and non 3d...

Fair Game 16 December 2010

Cast: Naomi Watts, Sean Penn, Ty Burrell.

i really don't wanna watch this movie at cinema... but i really3 looking forward to watch this movie because it got a scene in Malaysia.... it is the movie about some conspiracy and terrorist. and i really hope that it show a good thing about Malaysia not some terrorist shit thing.

Tron Legacy 16 December 2010

Cast: Garrett Hedlund, Jeff Bridges, Michael Sheen, Olivia Wilde.

yes!!!!!! i want to watch this movie on 3D. the trailer really awesome and all the CGI and the cars, motorcycle and any other vehicle is fucking cool!!!!!! damn!!!! i keep watching the traileron and on and on.... damn!!!! oh and this movie is the remake of the tron movie before... i really need to download the previous one...huhuhu

Gulliver's Travels 23 December 2010

Cast: Jack Black, Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Amanda Peet.

if you like comedy movie you must know Jack Black!!!!! whay all the funny guys must be jew.( no offend k jew, if u guys happen to reed my blog) all Jack Black movie is awesome... this is not the Gulliver;s travels that we reed in the book... this is the funnier one.... it have the same plot i think but i dont know... just watch it k....

thats all i can list today... actually i want to continue for january movie... because there are really some great movie also.. and i really apologize for using to much 'really' word in this post...huuhuhu k au revoir!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!

first and foremost a want to shout damn!!!!!!!!! just because it my fav word even FB said that my fav word in FB is Damn!!!!! i dont wanna to censored it to darn or dem... its not the same k... so its been 4 month since my last post.... and damn!!! again... huhuhu why I'm not posting anything... hmm that's because last 4 month i got a new laptop and since then, i never post anything.. yeah..

actually, i really want to post something at least one each month. but it just i don't have any mood to write k.. damn!!!! me... so now is my semester break.. if i ever happen to think something to write... i will post it k... so what exactly i wanna write today...hmmm


k r, aku ada apply biasiswa bank rakyat about 6 month ago... tetiber jer minggu lepas aku dpt messagedari drg ck aku dah di short list kan... so aku just kena jawab satu test ni, then aku leh dapat biasiswa yay!!!!! harap dapat r kan.... tapi risau juga r,,, takut x dapat jer...... so kalo r dapat..... i have a list that i want to buy...huhuhhuhu seronoknyer!!!! ptg ni aku nak jawab test tu kat internet jer... tapi mostly soalan PMR.... thak god my cuz just finish PMR stay at my house... huhuhu


so every semester break is an opportunity for me to download many movie.... so sekarang ni r kan.... aku dah dload byk top 250 movie from IDM yang aku blom tgk lagi... so atas permintaan zul dan maybe ada r berapapa kawan lain yang suka download2 ni. every movie yg aku tgk yg best aku try post kan review dier k.... so pas2 korang boleh r download k....


so semalam, aku, azam, afnan, anis, safwa n ainu ktrg g TS and our first plan sebenarnye nak tgk Harry Potter jer. so most of us arrive there dalam kol 1 nlama giler aku x jumper drg. so borak n gossip jap, oh lupe!! kitorang sumer jumpa kat McD. n pastu aku telan Big Mac... dah settle semua, kitrg g beli tiket HP kol 2,30.. ade r sejam maser lebih lagi so Bowling time!!!!!!! lama gila aku x main bowling so haritu first time in mylife dapat double strike...huhuhuhuhu memang seronok r sampai tu kitorang berlari pergi surau cuz Harry Potter dah nak mula.... so aku, azam ngan noon terlambat r 10 minit tgk HP tu.... sedey ( tapi azam da tgk xder la sedey sgt)... tapi citer HP tu mmg terbaek r bagi aku... x tau r mcm maner nak citer kan ... tgk jerla nt aku try review citer ni k.... huhuhu so after that, aku azam and noon again pg redbox yay!!!!!! aku try wat membership nak murah.... so dapat r rm 30 for 3 hours murah kan.... so karok r sampai lebam.... actually dengan drg jelar aku xkan dengar lagu rock kapak... so boleh la sing along sumer lagu .....huhuhuhu then after all that bubye.. aku kene hantar ainu jumpe ckg samat n then kat greenwood nyer bus stand..... hantar azam dan balik

urrgghhhh... my writing is really like a 12 year old student huhuhuhu damn me... maybe next time i will improve it k.... au revoir!!!!!!


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