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Monday, April 13, 2009

at the eleventh hour!!!

Exam it just around the corner,
it just keep getting sooner,
and I'm always wonder,
if I'm going to be a surveyor.

Dreams can't never achieve,
if one always can't sees,
to be better at all this,
if he never reads and studies.

I am a living legend,
that soon to be forgotten,
never keep the book burn,
never take the wrong turn.

So, what the hell arif elnur,
study at the floor,
for all the achievement that you must show,
till the break a dawn you can't slow.


it's a damn poem of the eleventh hour
read it and like it. hahhahaha. suddenly a poem come to my mind and it says arif elnur write me or you gonna be dead huhuhuhu....
WTF right, i write this poem or I'm gonna get kill by my mind.. so i give my best shot which is i like it. so who ever read my poem, i think you should start study.

p/s the picture above got nothing to do with the poem huhuhuhuhuhu.. i just Google it and the Pict appear


  1. wah rajinnya ko wat poem..hehe..aku tgh xam ni pon tau tnggi langit bumi dah wat degree dgn matrix..seyes payah giler exam aku kat gombak ni..arrhhgghhh!!huhu..

  2. tq, i put so much effort to make the poem.



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