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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

no perfect title....

it is in a middle of the night, not sleepy enough but maybe a little bit sleepy.... don't want to go to sleep.. and i just decided that how about a post..... so hear we go...hmmmm...

first and foremost, i just want to said happy new year to all of people that realize 2010 just around the conner. i just afraid that i don't have much time left to be sitting in front of computer for the next couple of week.. so is just a perfect time to wish a happy new year... and a new decade...i just felt like time is moving so fast like it want to catch something you know.... i,m not a kid anymore.. no more school... no more uniform... no more big exam and no more annoying things for the past ten years..... time is moving so fast till you not recognize yourself anymore....just afraid that maybe one day i wake up and see myself seventy years old... damn!!!!!! i'm old..... hahahhaha but at least right now i just 20 years old and next year on 10.10.10 i'm gonna turn 21...huhuhuhu what a great date for birthday right.......

second,, hmmm next sem is my final sem of diploma in Quantity Surveyors in Sri Iskandar, Perak... i just hope that i can try my best and struggle some more for a good CGPA.... because i thought it will be great if i past MUET with a flying colors and i want to experience study in other countries.... i really hope that i can do well next sem... but hope is not enough to achieve that bigger dream i must work harder....oh and FYI i have uncle and aunt who give me an opportunity to work at middle east after i graduate... so i want to set my mind to get a first class degree so that i can work there... i really want to go there especially United Arab Emirates cuz there have so many high tower that much taller than KLCC...huhuhuhu... ohh thats why recently you can see me posting in english i just want to improve my english because it is really2 suck!!!!

Lastly....... before i said this i know that all of you that maybe have read my old post know that i have always want to be smaller than i am right now... cuz people always said that i need to work something out before i grew much older.... even my 5 years old cousin said to me " abang you sould go to the biggest loser" huhuhu so i hope before i turn 21 i can wear any shirt that i want to wear and brave enough to flirt with any girl...hahhahaha.... so wish me luck k... daaa..

P/S harap2 jadilah kuar kmis ni g ice skating...huhuhhuhu cuz esok aku nak balik kampong....


  1. hey. read about my new year resolution. i think you should just be happy for yourself. :)

  2. oh... baru wat ea... x perasan pon semalam....k...tq..



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