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Sunday, March 29, 2009

the QS dinner (maybe the worst dinner) 25 March

pompuan2 gedik from my class hihihihihihi

dinner yang aku nak citer ni is qs dinner kat uitm aku la kan. this dinner was held at 25 March 2009 kat syuen hotel ipoh.... its not the food that i concern but all the thing that put togather to be a dinner like the master of ceremony, protocol. table layout and anything else la.

firstly i impress by the time i arrive at the hotel. because it huge, and it is one of the famous hotel kat ipoh(maybe x tau pon actually) tapi tetiber jer bile dah make up sumer kan. aku masuk kat ball room i can't find my seat. FUCK FUCK and FUCK!!!!! and FYI i am a VIP because i am one of the exco of persatuan ukur bahan. and i don't have a seat what the fuck.. aku bengang giler r kan than aku duduk jer kat memaner seat yang ader. of course r kat VIP gak r kan. aku duduk jer. than time goes by and no one claim the seat. so thank god aku safe r kan.

than, the VVIP arrive and the MC start tallking and tallikng and she always said "tu dia!!!!!.... " hahhahaha every one start to fed up even the people at the P.A. system huhuhuhu... than she always call someone that not arrive yet and she mess up with the dekan name. luckily i'm not one of the dekan list huhuhuhu... and all of the sudden i notice that the MC is cute actually..huhuhuhu xder r marah sangat kan. hahhahaha... so sily kan. tp serius cute babe

tp overalll yang lain ok la. makan dier gempak giler, chinese food babe, hidang lagi. and ader 8 hidang overalll sumer sedap2 belaker except for the vege. and i'm not the vege kind. huhuhuhuhu. than after the dinner me and all my friend posing around for picture.. snap here and snap there. snap snap snap.... and fyi my class is full with metro people and they like to pose so much and i'm tired of that and i go somewhere and waiting for the to finish all the shooting. pas2 balik uitm la kan.

and btw maser posmortem(x tau camner nak ejer word ni la) ajk part2(organizer) kene teruk giler. kesian lak dorng aku tengok. i feel sad and at the same time i think they deserve that because they didn't give me a seat. hahahhahahaa

ps: klu ader organizer yang bacer aku nyer blog ni kan xyah r tersingung k. aku marah pasal seat aku jer. tp aku da kenyang da pon. so settle la kan. hihihihihi

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