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Thursday, June 24, 2010

is Michelle Yeoh Muslim???

i just surfing and searching at IMDB (Internet Movie Database) like i always do and then in Michelle Yeoh page in the question part i see this question sound "is she muslim" and in the description says "her last name is khan and shes from malaysia. so i was just wandering" so it kind of attract me to read it.. and theres a lot of nonsense talking about religion and shit mostly about islam and Budha... and i found one comment from a chinese in malaysia sound like this

I understand the confusion, I am a Chinese from Malaysia too and everyone thinks I'm a Muslim. Malaysia is a Muslim country but we have our own religious rights. The majority of Malaysia are Muslims, and it is also our official religion. Malaysia is a multi-racial country, mostly Malays, Chinese and Indians. Whilst the Malays are definitely Muslims, the same cannot be said for the Chinese and Indians.

Khan is not a Muslim name. It's a semi-common Chinese surname. [Surnames are the equivalent of last names] It is only when you see a name with a "Binti" for women and "Bin" for men that they are Muslim.

And yes, Muslims do exist in China, but only in certain areas of the country. Examples are Xin Jiang.

I have to correct a mistake in a previous comment made by someone else. If she marries a Muslim, she has to convert, adopt one Muslim name followed by a Binti, then her husband's name but she is permitted to keep her Chinese name.

I don't understand why a fan would want to speculate her religion. Does this mean that if she's a Muslim you would think differently of her acting? Maybe we'd have different opinions since I live and grow up with people of different races or religions and you may not, but if you'd put someone's beliefs or skin colour ahead of their talent, you need to rethink your actions.


so i really respect this man or woman because of what he or she told us. many of the people in the world really looking down to muslim people.. we should make all of them realize that we are just like everybody else maybe some of us are fuck up.. but there are all same too... they should really watch "My name is Khan" because it tell us that not all muslims are terrorist...

so on behalf of muslim i want to said "My name is Arif elnur Bin Yusof and I'm not a terrorist"


  1. LOL...
    nice one!
    really interesting entry...:D

  2. ty....
    dah tengok citer"my name is khan"???

  3. aku dah tgk my name is khan..
    terbaik! ala ala forest gump versi islam..
    tp isu perkahwinan dia agak sensitif..

  4. tapi maser banjir tu cam pelik ckit kan... perkawinan dier macam indonesia ckit...



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