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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great Movie 2012

there is 2 day left for us to step into 2012 n like any other new year the thing that i am really looking forward is that year movie... so because one of my friend request for a movie related post like i usually do, so here i am addicted again to post something in The Ellnourtopia maybe because i really got nothing to do right now and i really hate to study and there nothing to tweet huhuhuhu because once i tweet i never stop tweeting. always search for something crazy and horny to said hahahha so back to the point, there is certain movie that i've wait for along time and its gonna come out next year to be exact in two more days haha... so here are the movies...

1. Superman

so u must already know that they are gonna reboot the superman franchise, and i hope its not gonna disappoint all superman fans... cuz i have wait for more than 3 years for this movie and i watch all this movie update, and for all welling and routh fan out there i am really sorry to said that the new guy name henry cavill will be act as Clark Kent and he is really look like a superman that comes out from fitness first if u know what i mean LOL. and take a look at this new costume of Superman.

so what did u guys think about this new costume .. fitness first must have some kind of equipment to keep superman body like that, and i really think he should wear a boxer outside right LOL

2. Avengers

Fanmade Poster

yeah!!!!! Avengers!! i have waited so long for this movie since the first ironman, and if they mess things up.. i really going HULK!!!! and WTF happen to my hulk ... i want my edward norton damn it!!!! and if u guys wanna watch this movie i hope u guys watch all the avangers members movie... so u should watch this Avengers trailer

3. Spiderman

yeah ur friendly neighborhood... i don't know if this movie is gonna be great or disaster but i really want my tobey spiderman continue sob3... but this social network guy not so bad after all. so this spiderman is a reboot of the spiderman franchise and they are doing the one that follow the amazing spiderman comics book where the storyline a little bit different n this peter parker is still in high school and just starting a Facebook company huhuhu.

Andrew Garfield who just get back from school and someone stole his company.. I am the CFO of FB BITCH!!! r u still wired in Mark Zuckerberg..

4. Batman

yeah!!! The Dark Knight Rises is totally worth to wait cuz Nolan is my fav director. yup and he just bring all inception actor into this batman hahahah maybe this time batman will fight his enemy in their own dream and he will enter a dream in their dream and again. one of the thing that i like about Nolan is he know how to relate between superhero fantasy with reality and make the batman way cooler than other superheroes (maybe it got something to do with batman voice also) yup n this time there is no brokeback joker the new enemy gonna be catwoman, bane an holiday killer yeah!!!!!

new enemy - Bane

The new trailer for this Dark Knight Rises


u must starting to wonder right now that i am really into superheroes.. yuppp sometime when i'm alone i will try to flight and hope that i can move something with my head huhuhu i really hope that all this movie that i show u doesn't turn out to be like hangover 2.. damn i really waited and they fuck that really hard... damn it!!!!

oh and below this is some pict n trailer from a movie that i also waited for a really fucking long time which is The Hobbit - The unexpected Journey and they keep postpone it, change director and all and right now they just post a new trailer and soon will be in cinemas 2013.. damn!!!

thats all from me for today.. au revoir



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